Wellness Program

Wellness Committee Mission Statement:
To promote a culture committed to optimum health at Verrill Dana by providing opportunities to improve and maintain the overall health of everyone, here and at home, through motivation, education and activities.

At Verrill Dana, we recognize the importance of healthy living. Our Wellness Committee was established to ensure that we don't just encourage wellness from a distance—we help our employees achieve it through programming and activities that reflect their needs and interests. Below is a sampling of initiatives that the Wellness Committee has coordinated and sponsored:

Team Competition and Attorney and Staff Activities

2012: 150 Days of Health -
 In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Firm’s founding, teams competed to earn 150 points—one point per day over 150 days. Participants could earn a point by completing one healthy task per day, including enjoying a nutritious diet (e.g., adopting healthy substitutions or eating at least 5 servings of vegetables in a day), engaging in exercise activities (e.g., group fitness classes or athletic competitions), using stress management skills or quitting smoking. A grand prize of Wellness Dollars will be provided to the winning team at the conclusion of the 150 days, and other health and nutrition-related incentive prizes will be provided throughout the competition

American Heart Association 5k Heart Walk -
 Annually since 2010, the Wellness Committee has coordinated participation in the Heart Walk around Portland’s Back Cove.

2010: 90-Day Cardio Challenge -
 In 2010, the Wellness Committee introduced the “90-Day Cardio Challenge.” The Cardio Challenge had teams competing to earn points for continuous cardiovascular exercise (e.g., walking, running, hiking, biking, aerobics, climbing stairs, swimming) with the winning team taking home enough “Wellness Dollars” to make sure that all their hard work over the previous 90 days paid off with some new athletic gear.

2009: Mount Everest Challenge - 
In 2009, 13 teams of four competed to be the first to climb 29,029 steps in the stairwells of One Portland Square (to equal the number of feet to the top of Mount Everest). Our climbers enjoyed a sense of accomplishment and teamwork, not to mention stronger legs, hearts and lungs!

Office-Based Initiatives

Biannual Health Risk Assessments
- Every two years, the Wellness Committee hosts an HRA event, a convenient and professional method of gathering personal health information and identifying the next steps to decreasing health risks and enhancing overall health. In private, one-on-one appointments, nearly 100 participants get immediate cholesterol, blood-pressure, and BMI readings, along with individualized tips on wellness indicators, such as aerobic fitness, sleeping habits, nutrition and coping skills. HRAs are fully confidential.

Coffee/Tea Adders -
As a benefit to our many coffee and tea drinkers, the firm now offers low-fat milk as a lower-calorie and lower-fat alternative to half-and-half.

Food Policy and Fruit Bowls -
Vending machines don't always offer the best snack options, so we offer bowls of seasonal fresh fruit in our main kitchen as an alternative. All firm-sponsored events and celebrations now offer health-conscious food options, such as fruit salad, in addition to the traditional sugary treats.

Ergonomics Training -
Spending several hours a day at a desk can wreak havoc on necks, backs and wrists. From time to time workplace safety specialist conducts a training on how to reduce strain and injury by making simple adjustments to our work stations and habits.

Lunch & Learn Series -
Verrill Dana has invited a registered nutritionist to conduct brown-bag Lunch & Learns on various topics, including "Pack Your Lunch With Punch!", "The Facts on Fat," "Are Your Portions in Proportion?" and "Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies." These educational sessions prepare us all to make healthful choices.

Annual Flu Clinics -
Because flu season can catch up to even the healthiest individuals, flu shots help keep our employees and families influenza-free. We also provide hand sanitizers and suggestions for keeping other germs at bay.

Hearing Evaluations -
In June 2009 and again in 2011, an audiologist from Northeast Hearing and Speech Center conducted hearing tests for interested employees. After a brief appointment, participants received a chart indicating their hearing level and everyone had an opportunity to try out hearing aids for a part of the day.

Regular Wellness Updates and News -
 A newsletter is mailed to our employees’ homes or email inboxes from the Wellness Council of America every two months. In addition, Verrill Dana’s in-house electronic newsletter includes updates on our wellness initiatives and tips and articles on wellness-related subjects, ranging from sleep deprivation to sunscreen usage to local apple-picking orchards.