International Adoption

John and Christine Tomaszewski have an extraordinary family of twelve children, ten of whom are adopted.  They have focused their efforts on caring and providing for foreign-born children with special needs.  John and Christine go the extra mile to get their children the care and services necessary to lead productive lives.

Nikolai Tomaszewski arrived in Maine at age four on a temporary medical visa.  A charitable organization brought Nikolai, who was born with missing limbs and other disabilities, from an orphanage in a small Russian village to Maine for operations performed at Maine Medical Center.  When Nikolai’s guardian from the orphanage abandoned him while defecting to the United States, John and Chris provided Nikolai with a home, food, medical care, and a loving family for six years before coming to Verrill Dana for help with legally adopting Nikolai and fixing his immigration status.

Attorneys from Verrill Dana successfully navigated international laws, paving the way for John and Chris to legally adopt Nikolai.  This required several appearances in probate court, legal notices in Russian newspapers, and interpretation of international treaties.  Following the adoption, Verrill Dana attorneys obtained an adjustment of status for Nikolai from Citizenship and Immigration Services.  Thanks in large part to these efforts, Nikolai is today the legally adopted child of John and Chris and a U.S. citizen. He also is a flourishing high school student who enjoys skiing, music, and playing with his siblings.

Article from the Portland Press Herald, March 15, 2010

Nikolai playing trumpet, which can be played with one hand.