Tap Tips Podcast Miniseries

In order to assist up-and-coming brewmasters/brewery owners to think critically about the issues impacting their brewery business, the attorneys in Verrill Dana's Breweries, Distilleries & Wineries Group have created the Tap Tips Podcast Miniseries. These podcasts provide information and practical tips for navigating the various complex legal issues that may arise while bringing a brewery from passion to profit. Our Breweries, Distilleries & Wineries Group also blogs at www.beveragelawupdate.com and can be found on Twitter @LawyersOnTap.

Click below to access episodes from the Tap Tips Podcast Miniseries:

Episode 1: Tap Tips on Business Formation

Chantal Wilson and Jonathan Dunitz discuss the importance of proper business entity formation, and how getting this step wrong can have big consequences later.

Episode 2: Tap Tips on Trademark Protection

Charlie Bacall and Tawny Alvarez review different types of intellectual property and discuss the importance of trademark registration to breweries.

Episode 3: Tap Tips on Branding/Labeling

Kelly Donahue and Jonathan Dunitz review some of the laws and processes impacting beer labeling.

Episode 4: Tap Tips on Financing

Mark Googins and Tawny Alvarez discuss the various options and implications of financing a new or growing brewery - from traditional bank loans to crowdfunding.

Episode 5: Tap Tips on Licensing

Bill Knowles and Tawny Alvarez discuss some of the licensing considerations that new and growing breweries should consider before they sell their first pint.

Episode 6: Tap Tips on Leasing

Doug Britton and Tawny Alvarez discuss issues brewery owners should consider when trying to find the perfect place for their brewing operation or tasting room.

Episode 7: Tap Tips on Hiring/Employment Issues

Jonathan Dunitz interviews Tawny Alvarez about the importance of engaging an experienced employment attorney as a brewery grows and hires employees.

Episode 8: Tap Tips on Litigation/Risk Management

Jonathan Dunitz and Tawny Alvarez discuss risks faced by new/growing breweries, and how to limit the likelihood/impact of litigation.

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