Property Boundary Dispute

Our clients were mired in a two-decade long contest with a persistent opponent. The dispute involved the boundaries of their 48 acre property on the Presumpscot River in Windham, Maine. The neighbor claimed nearly 4 acres of land based on theories involving ancient proprietors’ lines and title work from the 1780s.

To champion their cause, our clients assembled a team led by William Knowles of the Litigation & Trial group and Charlie Katz-Leavy of the Real Estate group. Working with their expert, Bill, Charlie and their team represented their clients’ case first at mediation and then before the Honorable Justice Clifford in Cumberland County Superior Court. Knowles and Katz-Leavy kept their case simple and convincing while responding to opposing counsel’s numerous counterclaims, motions, nearly 150 exhibits, and hours of cross-examination. During the course of a two-day trial, the team told the judge a straight-forward and compelling narrative about the title history and historical occupation lines of the properties.

Ultimately, the judge found in favor of our clients on all counts and the 20-year dispute concluded. This matter provides a great example of Verrill Dana’s ability to staff each matter with the right attorneys for the job, and of the tremendous results that our attorneys regularly achieve on behalf of their clients.