Continuing Verrill Dana Education

Verrill Dana is devoted to the professional development of our staff and attorneys. It was through this commitment that our Continuing Verrill Dana Education (CVE) program was created. The firm wants to ensure that our staff members are provided with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed, as well as to keep up with the rapidly changing technology critical to our profession in order to provide our clients with efficient, effective, and excellent service.

CVE begins on a new person’s first day with our comprehensive orientation program and continues throughout their career with programs such as: The Art of Customer Service, Attorney's Performance Development Services, Advanced Features of FileSite, Project Management, Efficiency in Outlook and Advanced Excel, just to name a few. Our CVE program offers both technical and non-technical training in a variety of formats including classroom, one-on-one, lunch & learns, and on-demand webinars. The CVE program is quickly becoming as much a part of the firm’s internal fabric as Continuing Legal Education is to the Maine Bar Association.