North Atlantic & Arctic


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In October 2016, Verrill Dana hosted a conference in Portland, Maine entitled "Marine Technology and the North" in conjunction with Arctic Council meetings also being held in Portland.


With polar ice melting at an unprecedented pace, a surge in Arctic transits and infrastructure development has already begun. The Arctic is fragile and complex, however, and must be approached with an understanding that the actions being taken now by companies and governments must be sustainable to avoid negative effects on the Arctic environment and indigenous communities. Verrill Dana is uniquely qualified and positioned to assist diverse clients in matters related to operating in the Arctic and high latitudes. As a multi-disciplinary law firm with strengths in international transactions, regulatory compliance, intellectual property and government relations, Verrill Dana is an important and trusted resource for clients already involved in the Arctic and the North Atlantic region as well as those businesses and institutions exploring the potential rewards of expanding interests and operations northward. Among those clients are businesses interested in new shipping routes that will dramatically cut the costs of trade among Asia, North America and Europe.

Verrill Dana clients already involved in the high latitudes include:

  • The manufacturer of the only ballast water treatment technology shown to work effectively in sea water below 34°F;
  • A marine acoustics consultancy with proprietary software that measures shipboard and underwater noise in arctic waters;
  • An augmented reality, “AR”, developer of virtual aids to navigation for the Arctic; and
  • The manufacturer of a technology that detects petroleum spills from off-shore platforms and undersea ice.

Our attorneys are adept at helping clients identify, manage, and minimize risks. This is particularly important when the opportunities of the Arctic are so compelling. Illustrative areas where Verrill Dana can assist Arctic-oriented clients include:

  • Commercialization of marine-based resources, products and research;
  • Maritime and international transactions, Admiralty Law, including cabotage rights and Jones Act compliance
  • Capital raises for growing or emerging technology companies
  • Development of infrastructure and port-related facilities;
  • Import/export controls and related regulatory compliance;
  • Environmental permitting and compliance;
  • Advocacy and lobbying; and
  • Project facilitation with diverse funding sources.

Verrill Dana representatives lead and participate in trade missions to Arctic countries and monitor the state of affairs in the region. Verrill Dana attorneys serve on the Maine Arctic Council Host Committee.