James Goggin - IP Litigation Case List

Criterion Music Corp., Controversy Music and You Make Me Sick I Make Music v. 575 LLC, William Umbel and Todd Doyle, Docket No. 10-255-P-H (D. ME 2010) (copyright infringement – musical compositions)  http://www.pressherald.com/news/music-royalties-lawsuit-names-portland-club_2010-06-30.html

Gifford’s Dairy, Inc. v. Gifford’s Holdings, Gifford’s Ice Cream & Candy Co., Inc. and Deal Metrics, LLC, Docket No. 10-Cv-1094-BEL (D. MD 2010) (trademark infringement – ice cream products)

Ergo Licensing, LLC v.  CareFusion 303, Inc., Docket No. 08-CV-00259-GZS (D. ME 2008) (patent infringement – medical device)

Timothy Robinson and Whorl, LLC v. Cohen Mohr, LLP, Daniel Duval and Perkins Coie, LLP, Case No. Cl-2009-80 (D. VA 2009) (legal malpractice – failure to secure patent rights)

Eolas Technologies, Inc. v. Adobe Systems Inc., et al., Docket No. 6:09-cv-446(LED) (E.D.T.X. 2010) (patent infringement – internet browsers and applications)

Diversified Communications v. Time Warner Cable of Maine, Docket No. 07-139-JAW (D. ME 2007) (copyright infringement)

Cosi, Inc. v. Wk Holdings, LLC, Docket No. 05-CV-02770-MJD-SRN (D. MN 2005) (trademark infringement)

Howell Laboratories, Inc. v. SPX Communications, Docket No. CV-06-64-PC (D. ME 2006) (patent infringement - radio transmitting devices)

Artel, Inc. v. Starna Cells, Inc., Starna Scientific Limited, and Starna Group, Docket No. 07-CV-102 (D. ME 2007) (patent infringement - medical devices)

Chamilia, Inc. v. Valuenet Marketing, Inc. d/b/a Eve’s Gift Gallery, Docket No. 09-CV-2919 (D. MN 2009) (trademark infringement – jewelry)

Star International Holdings, Inc. v. Belleco, Inc., et al.,  Docket No. 4:06-cv-01019 SNL (E.D. MO 2006) (trade secrets - commercial toasters)

RFF Technologies Corporation, RF Technologies, LLC and The Ferrite Company, Inc. v. Applied Microwave Technologies, Inc., Timothy Scheurs, Montylee D. Watt, Terry Leclere, and Tom Allison, Docket No. CV-05-32 (D. ME 2005) (trade secrets - industrial microwave ovens)

Grandy's, Inc.v. Bountiful Berry, Inc., Opposition No. 91151846 USPTO (trademark infringement - food products)

BioPay, LLC v. Solidus Networks, Inc. d/b/a Pay By Touch and Indivos Corp., Docket No. 05-25 SLR (D. DE 2005) (patent infringement - biometric financial transactions)

Chamilia, LLC v. Pandora Jewelry, LLC, Docket No. 04-06017 KMK (S.D.N.Y. 2004) (patent infringement - jewelry)

Sagoma Plastics, Inc. and Anthony Gelardi v. John Gelardi, Docket No. 04-282-PS, (D. ME 2004) (patent ownership rights - DVD/CD packaging systems)

Sagoma Plastics, Inc. v. MeadWestvaco Corp., et al., Docket No. 04-4002880S (Sup. Ct. Stamford/Norwalk CT) (patent ownership rights - DVD/CD packaging systems)

Black Diamond Sportswear, Inc. v. Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd., Docket No. 03-278 (D. VT 2003) (trademark infringement - outdoor clothing and skiwear)

Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd. v. Black Diamond Sportswear, Inc., Docket No. 03-701 (CD. UT 2003) (trademark infringement - outdoor clothing and skiwear)

Attrezzi, LLC v. Maytag Corp., Docket No. 03-461-PB (D. NH 2003) (436 F.2d 32) (1st Cir. 2006) (trademark infringement - kitchen appliances)

Uncle Henry’s v. Plaut Consulting, 399 F. 3d 33; (2005 U.S. App.) LEXIS 3017

Historic Originals, Ltd. and Prismax Management Services, Inc. v. Colibri Corporation d/b/a Krementz, Docket No. 03-128-P-S, (D. Me. 2003) (copyright and trade dress infringement - jewelry designs)

Gifford’s Dairy, Inc. v. Richardson’s Farms, Inc. Docket No. 03-CV-39-B-S, (D. Me. 2003) (trademark infringement - dairy products)

Prime Tanning Co., Inc. v. Curtidos Temola, S.A., de C.V., Docket No. 02-134-P-C, (D. Me. 2002) (trade secrets and trademark infringement)

Angela Adams Designs, LLC v. Dixie Group, Inc. d/b/a Masland Carpets, Inc., Docket No. 02-126-P-C (D. Me. 2002) (copyright infringement - carpet design)

Idexx v. Abaxis and S.A. Scientific, Docket No. 02-69-P-H, (D. Me. 2002) (patent infringement - veterinary blood testing devices)

FreeUpsells.com, Inc. v. Thanksmuch.com, Inc., et al, Docket No. 02-63-P-H, (D. Me. 2002) (copyright infringement)

Talarico v. Marathon Shoe Co., 182 F. Supp. 2d 102, 2002 U.S. Dist. Lexis 1302 (patent infringement - podiatric device)

Goodkind Pen Co. v. BIC Corp., 2001 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 15595; (D. Me. 2001) (trademark infringement)

Nyer Nutritional, et al. v. National Distributors Center , et al., Docket No. 00-265; (D. Me. 2000) (patent ownership rights - antimicrobial food feeding formula)

WRCM, Inc., et al. v. Wiscasset Ford, Inc., Docket No. 00-255; (D. Me. 2000) (trademark infringement - internet domain names)

Saga Communications of New England, Inc. v. Voornas, 756 A.2d 954; 2000 Me. LEXIS 157; Me. 2000) (unfair competition)

Dorf v. Complastik Corp., 735 A.2d 984; 1999 Me. LEXIS 146, (Me. 1999) (patent ownership rights - polymer synthetics)

Gioello Enterprises, Ltd. v. Mattel, Inc., Docket No. 99-375; (D. Del. 1999) (patent infringement - computer software)

Matthews v. Freedman, 157 F.3d 25; 1998 App. Lexis 25536 (1st Cir. 1998) (copyright infringement - pictorial designs)

Binax v. Chandler, 1998 Mediation (patent infringement - human blood diagnostic kit)

Website Services, Inc. v. The Maine Internet Works, Docket No. 98-83B, (D. Me. 1998) (copyright infringement - internet domain dispute)

CMM Cable Rep v. Ocean Coast Props., 97 F.3d 1504; 1996 App. LEXIS 24955; (1st Cir. 1998) (copyright and trademark infringement)

CMM Cable Rep v. Ocean Coast Properties, 48 F.3d 618; 1995 App. Lexis 4299

Sabre Corporation v. Blue Water Production Co., Inc., U.S.P.T.O. Opp. No. 109,989 (trademark registration opposition)

Merrill Lynch v. Bennert, 980 F. Supp. 73; 1997 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 18229, (D. Me. 1997) (unfair competition)

Chicago Linen Exch. v. Adler, 888 F. Supp. 92; 1995 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 8224, (D. Ill. 1995) (copyright infringement - computer software)

Mosca, et al. v. Gannet Co., Inc., USA, et al., Docket No. 94-CV-285 (D. Me. 1994) (copyright infringement - essay)

In re Pineau, Civ. No. 92-0169-B, 149 B.R. 239; 1993 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 216; (D. Me. 1993) (copyright infringement - musical compositions)

In re Application of Asta Medica, S.A., 794 F. Supp. 442; 1992 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 8315; (D. Me. 1992) (patent infringement - medical devices)

Talus Corp. v. Browne, 775 F. Supp. 23; 1991 U.S. Dist. Lexis 14608 (D. Me. 1991) (patent infringement - automotive articles)

Gnossos Music v. Di Pompo, 1989 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 15988; (D. Me. 1989) (copyright infringement - musical compositions)