International Child Abduction Remedies Act

David Abramson provided representation for Mr. Savvas Charalambous, the father of two children (ages 7 and 2) who came with their mother to the United States from Cyprus for a "holiday" in the summer of 2010. Mrs. Charalambous alleged that her husband had agreed to move to the United States with the family; however, our client understood that his wife and children would return at the end of the summer. Once it became clear that the mother would not voluntarily return to Cyprus where the children were born and raised, David filed a petition for the return of the children. The mother primarily raised the defense that the return of the children to their country of habitual residence would create a grave risk of physical abuse, a defense often utilized in these cases. David was able to thwart the prosecution of a Protection from Abuse action a separate state court action; obtain an interim contact Order between the children and their father; and diffuse opposing counsel's highly suspect attempts to obtain expert opinions to substantiate allegations of abuse. After a two day trial, the Court (J. Singal) ordered the return of the children to their father for a trip back to Cyprus. The decision was later affirmed with an appeal on an expedited basis in the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeal.