Representation Before Board of Registration in Medicine

For two years Gary Rosenberg represented an acupuncturist against whom a complaint was filed with the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, Committee on Acupuncture, alleging, among other things, that she practiced outside the scope of her license and also engaged in wrongful and deceptive billing. Gary thoroughly researched the medical aspects of the activities in question, including finding scholarly articles as well as consulting with experts, to prove that the activities were within the scope of the practice of acupuncture. He also did a nationwide search of medical coding and billing authorities to prove that the coding was proper. Gary prepared several response letters to the complaint, complete with voluminous exhibits, met with the Board’s investigative committee, and engaged in numerous phone calls with the Board’s investigator and legal counsel. The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, Committee on Acupuncture dismissed the matter in January of 2012.