Wind Power Development

We have represented Maine's major wind energy developers, including TransCanada, First Wind, Patriot Renewables, Independence Wind, Novatus, Pattern Energy and Everpower, in the development, permitting, construction and operation of their wind power projects in Maine. Our Environmental Group has been instrumental in wind power development since its inception in Maine, not only because we represent over 90 percent of the wind power capacity in the State, but because we have shaped the legislation, regulation and judicial precedent that will make it possible for wind energy development to continue to flourish in the future. We have represented almost every approved large-scale wind power project in Maine, including a 185 MW wind power project in Somerset and Piscataquis counties, which is the largest operational wind power project in New England, and more than a dozen other grid scale projects totaling over 700 MW located in both the organized and unorganized areas of the State. Verrill Dana has obtained more than a dozen favorable administrative and judicial decisions involving the interpretation and application of sound, scenic and wildlife standards that govern wind energy developments. For more details regarding our wind energy experience, click here.