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"There are few other firms that can match this team's work ethic, knowledge, experience and effectiveness." (Chambers and Partners, 2010) 

This database includes examples of just some of the matters we've worked on with our clients.  Contact us to find out how we can help you succeed.
In 2012 and 2013, Bill Harwood and Katie Gray provided counsel to Summit Natural Gas of Maine, Inc., Maine’s newest natural gas local distribution company, before the Maine Public Utilities Commission with regard to Summit’s alternative rate plan, ARP.
In 2014, Bill Harwood and Nora Healy represented Emera in a rate case, in which the MPUC approved an 8.68% increase in distribution rates.
Representation of Emera Maine in its 2014 stranded cost rate case for Emera’s Maine Public District.
Daniels v. Tew Mac Aero Services, 675 A.2d 984 (Me. 1996). Successfully represented pilot before jury alleging that engine failure was result of faulty engine overhaul.

Always an Adventure®. From humble beginnings in a small Portland warehouse to winning a gold medal at the American Beer Festival, Verrill Dana has supported and toasted the success of Allagash Brewing Company.

Represented a large medical device manufacturer in an appeal of a $250 million jury verdict in patent on grounds concerning ensnarement, lost profits, and the trial court’s misunderstanding of the “reverse doctrine of equivalents.”
Has argued in excess of 20 appellate cases before the First Circuit Court of Appeals, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and Massachusetts Appeals Court.
Verrill Dana secured state and federal environmental approvals for Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, L.L.C. to construct more than 200 miles of interstate natural gas pipeline facilities connecting New Brunswick to Massachusetts, as well as a subsequent expansion of those facilities.
In 2011, Verrill Dana secured regulatory approval for the state’s first private natural gas pipeline, a direct connection off the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline serving Woodland Pulp LLC and now represents Woodland Pulp in connection with shared use of the pipeline with another industrial consumer.
Verrill Dana has represented Emera Maine before the PUC in securing a CPCN for Emera’s proposed 138 kV transmission line providing a new interconnection between the Northern Maine electric system and the New Brunswick, Canada system.
The best medicine begins with the best ideas. Verrill Dana helps Artel in obtaining patents and trademarks for their medical innovations.
Gleich v. Housing Authority of New Haven, 200 B.R. 464 (Bankr. D.Me. 1996). Successfully represented the Housing Authority of New Haven, Connecticut, in an action arising from Plaintiff’s removal of asbestos from a Housing Authority project in New Haven.
Defended a large brokerage firm against plaintiff’s claims of associational disability discrimination, retaliation for anticipatory use of FMLA and wrongful discharge under New Hampshire common law.
Our litigation team secured an important victory for a regional retailer of household and kitchen goods against an international manufacturer of kitchen appliances which had adopted our client’s name and trademark for a new product line.
We represented Bangor Hydro Electric Company in defending a substantial claim before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for compensation for headwater benefits relating to FERC licensed hydropower projects located along the Penobscot River in Maine.
In December 2009, the Maine PUC granted Bangor Hydro Electric Company a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) for the construction and operation of a 115 kV electric transmission line in Washington County, Maine known as the Downeast Reliability Project.
Verrill Dana helps two non-depository trust companies obtain approval to provide trust services in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
Verrill Dana advises bank on privacy, secrecy, bankruptcy, and criminal laws as part of the bank’s response to a check kiting scheme by a business customer with loans and deposit accounts.
We represented a coalition of Maine banks concerned about an application by a credit union to expand its field of membership. The case eventually went to hearing before the regulators, and oral argument, expert testimony, and briefs were submitted. Eventually, the Bureau agreed with our argument on behalf of Maine banks that the credit union’s application was too broad, and the field of membership was scaled back.
We represented an association of Maine banks seeking to change the law preventing them from selling insurance. This required a detailed understanding of the laws governing insurance sales and bank power, and it required careful negotiations with state regulators, credit unions, and insurance producers over a six month period. We helped get the law passed in 1997 with overwhelming support in the Maine Legislature.
Verrill Dana advises banks on security and liability issues related to Internet banking and other e-commerce services.
Confronted with an employee accused of loan fraud, a bank turns to Verrill Dana for advice on how to deal with the employee, notify law enforcement, and deal with media inquiries.
In re Estate of Frances M. Williams, No. 1997-1033 (Me. Prob. Ct., York Cty. 1997). Represented beneficiaries under a prior will challenging the last will on the basis of undue influence. Case settled prior to trial.
We represented First Wind subsidiary, Blue Sky East, LLC in lease and easement negotiations, fee acquisitions and related project agreements.
Alned, Inc. v. Martin, Docket No. RE-08-77 (Me. Super. Ct., York Cty. 2008). Represented Plaintiff in boundary dispute. Case settled prior to trial.
Verrill Dana attorneys were called upon to represent four families who own oceanfront residences in Biddeford Pool with resolving a highly contentious dispute with a neighbor over property boundary lines and easements for access and parking.
Verrill Dana represented Bowdoin College in securing municipal approvals to install an underground electric distribution line to serve the College’s new 1.2-megawatt, 4500-panel solar generating project.
Our client was the general contractor for construction of a new office, retail and parking facilities in southern New Hampshire. Following completion of the project, the owner withheld payment alleging lost rental income due to project delays. We asserted that the owner's claim was factually unsupportable and at odds with the mutual waiver of consequential damages clause in the AIA contract documents signed by the parties at the outset of the project. The arbitrator agreed and awarded our client the full contract balance and interest.
Successful prosecution of general contractor’s breach of contract claim under cost-plus contract for construction of multi-million dollar residence involving hundreds of individual change order and construction defect issues.
Successful prosecution of subcontractor’s breach of contract, wrongful termination and Maine Prompt Payment Act claims resulting in award of entire claim plus attorneys’ fees, enhanced interest and penalties.
When the recent bullying statute took effect in Massachusetts, our attorneys were ready to use it immediately to protect a young victim of threatening behavior by a fellow student.  In fact, our attorneys successfully obtained the first Harassment Prevention Order issued in Massachusetts.
We represented the buyer in the acquisition of multiple timberland parcels in five counties in central and western Washington, including assistance with bid preparation, due diligence and tax and business-related advice.
We worked with a long time hospital client to convert its defined benefit pension plan to a cash balance plan.
In 2017, Verrill Dana represented Cianbro Development Corp. subsidiary Pittsfield Solar, LLC in obtaining regulatory approvals for a 9.9-megawatt ground-mounted solar array to be located on 54 acres in Pittsfield, Maine.
Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but it can also be patent and trademark infringement.  Chamilia counts on Verrill Dana to protect its most valuable asset: its intellectual property.
We represented First Wind subsidiary, Champlain Wind, LLC in lease and easement negotiations, fee acquisitions and related project agreements.
We represented a Trustee faced with jointly-administered cases which were converted from Chapter 11 in a successful sale of assets.
A converted Chapter 11 case for two debtors who together employed several hundred employees. The largest secured creditor was owed approximately $30 million.
In re: Estate of Martha Skoner, Docket No. 2006-0795 (Me. Prob. Ct., Cumb. Cty. 2006). Successfully represented at trial charitable beneficiaries in defense of allegations that the last will was executed at a time when the decedent lacked capacity. Decision affirmed on appeal.
Handled numerous postpayment audits by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers.
Klein v. Smith, 635 F. Supp. 1440 (D.Me. 1986). Successfully represented Plaintiff in First Amendment civil rights case. Bill appeared on The Today Show to discuss this case.
Prokey v. Watkins, et al., 942 F.2d 67 C.A.1 (Me.) 1991. Successfully represented Plaintiff in civil rights action against police officers before First Circuit Court of Appeals.
Estados Unidos Mexicanos v. DeCoster, 229 F.3d 332 (1st Cir. 2000). Defended class action brought by a group of immigrant laborers and the Country of Mexico alleging racial and ethnic discrimination. First Circuit upheld dismissal of Mexico.
Rancourt, et al. v. Concannon, et al., 175 F. Supp. 2d 60 (1st Cir. 2000). Successfully brought class action on behalf of developmentally disabled individuals who were eligible for various services and treatment under Maine’s Joint Federal-State Medicaid Program, alleging that rather than being provided treatment and services in a timely fashion, eligible individuals have been placed on long waiting lists for those needed services.
We successful resolved a substantial claim for our client, a large, Maine based site contractor, stemming from differing site conditions encountered on an aviation facility owned by project federal government.
Assisted distributor of construction materials in a large business dispute involving the collection of a large unpaid debt and enforcement of a personal guaranty.
Bell v. Town of Wells, 557 A.2d 168 (1989). Represented Town of Wells in lawsuit interpreting the Colonial Ordinance and defining rights of public over intertidal zone of Moody Beach for recreational purposes.
On behalf of several clients, we responded to a Request for Information from the Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration regarding electronic distribution of employee benefit plan information under ERISA.
We created and implemented an innovative health care benefit product for an association of employers creating a captive insurance company.
We provided representation of the seller in the negotiation of purchase and sale agreement for the disposition of commercial timberlands in Guatemala and negotiation of a forest management agreement and other ongoing operational contracts.
We represented the purchaser in the acquisition of commercial timberlands in Panama, including negotiation of purchase and sale agreement and review of due diligence items (such as title, environmental, and related issues).
We represented the U.S. division of a large international energy company in a complex contract dispute with its largest Massachusetts customer, a power station.
We represented the U.S. division of a large international bank, in both federal District Court and on appeal to the Federal Circuit, in a patent dispute concerning computer-based banking transactions.
Winter Harbor Water Company v. Winter Harbor Water District, No. CV-96-15 (Me. Super. Ct., Hancock Cty., 1998). Represented water company in condemnation proceeding. By verdict dated September 16, 1998, jury awarded Plaintiff twice what the District had paid as “just compensation.”
League of Women Voters v. Gwadowsky, 966 F. Supp. 52 (D. Me. 1997). Represented Plaintiffs in successful constitutional challenges to Maine legislation requiring that a candidate’s position on term limits appear on the ballot beside the candidate’s name.
Richard E. Kennedy v. William Gardner, et al., No. C-96-574B, (D. N.H. 1998). Represented Plaintiff in a successful constitutional challenge to New Hampshire election laws on campaign financing.
Flaherty Imports, Ltd. v. Town of Kennebunkport, Dkt. No. 02-181-P-H (D.Me. 2002). Represented plaintiff in constitutional challenge by merchants to municipal regulation limiting ability of tour buses to visit Kennebunkport.
We represented a client in a copyright infringement lawsuit against a local music venue for failure to pay licensing royalties to allow performers to play copyrighted songs
We represented CBS affiliated client WABI –TV station in a copyright infringement case against Time Warner Cable in USDC in Maine alleging 137 counts of infringement based upon unauthorized retransmission over cable network of television programs.
To increase its competitiveness in a changing health care market, a leading Massachusetts academic medical center sought to build a more integrated health care network. The acquisition of another area hospital was a complex, multi-disciplinary effort spanning seven months.
We structured the confirmation of liquidation plan, and successfully resolved post-confirmation claims.
Correction of numerous plan document failures with respect to new client’s two 401(k) plans. Correction included drafting plan amendments to correct plan document failures and preparing and submitting two filings to the IRS under its Voluntary Correction Program.
Correction of six prohibited transactions under the Internal Revenue Code and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.
We served as counsel to a state-chartered bank and its holding company in its receipt of investment by Treasury pursuant to the Capital Purchase Plan for qualified well-capitalized banks.
During his career, Paul has tried to a verdict/judgment dozens of civil and criminal cases in various federal courts and the Superior Courts of Massachusetts.
Design and implementation of the response to a data breach caused by a third party vendor.
Verrill Dana successfully defended permits in which the constitutionality of the Wind Energy Act was challenged as well as numerous decisions involving the interpretation and application of sound and scenic standards that govern wind energy developments.
We successfully defended a large mechanical contractor in connection with lawsuit stemming from the comprehensive failure of the hydronic piping system in a resort hotel’s heating and cooling system.
A former employee on an offshore marine construction project sought recovery of Davis Bacon prevailing wages for travel time to and from the job site and for land based construction support activities. The project at issue involved construction of new docking facilities for the United States Coast Guard at Boston Light on Little Brewster Island in Boston Harbor.
Successful defense of a site contractor in construction defect and environmental claims in Federal court in New Hampshire related to alleged contamination of the project site due to discovery of previously undisclosed subsurface PCBs.
Developed a model fraud and abuse compliance program for the Massachusetts Medical Society and implemented numerous compliance programs for hospitals, medical practices, home health agencies and durable medical equipment suppliers. Mr. Shaw has also acted as compliance counsel to the Massachusetts Home Care Alliance and New England Medical Equipment Dealers Association.
Our attorneys represented a health care provider in a disability discrimination case based on Maine Human Rights Act, Rehabilitation Act and ADA Title III allegations of failure to provide American Sign Language interpreter in context of a medical office visit.
Dispute regarding services provided to client by actuary relating to retirement plan design and administration.
We litigated a divorce action after a husband abandoned his family and moved out of state. The case involved parental rights and responsibilities, contact issues, substantial alimony and child support, and attorney’s fees.
We assisted a client in a contentious divorce action involving substantial assets, complex business valuation issues, alimony and child support.
We represented a client in a divorce action where the most significant asset was the proceeds from a large personal injury settlement the husband received during the marriage. Settlement was reached where personal injury award was protected from claims of former spouse.
We litigated a partition action brought by a former domestic partner. The client counterclaimed for partition, emotional distress and assault and battery, and ultimately resolved the case by buying the Plaintiff's interest in the property. 
Verrill Dana assisted Ecochlor, Inc. with the drafting and negotiation of contractual arrangements for providing its proprietary ballast water treatment system (BWTS) to new ship construction in China, as well as multi-ship retrofit contracts for U.S. and international flagged vessels that have been performed in the U.S., Asia and on the Black Sea. We advise Ecochlor on its global network for BWTS resupply and maintenance, including addressing the environmental, regulatory and commercial aspects of agency, chemical re-supply, maker’s list and distribution arrangements in locations including the U.S., Hong Kong, China, Singapore, the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council countries), Cyprus and Greece. We also advise Ecochlor on the interpretation and application of Coast Guard, EPA, IMO and other regulatory requirements. Verrill Dana represented Ecochlor in its 2014 $10M private placement capital raise.
EEOC v. Land Air Express of New England, Docket No. CV-02-036-B-S (D.Me. 2002). Successfully represented Plaintiff-Intervenor in an action brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") under Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 42 U.S.C. §§ 12111, et. seq., as well as Title I of the Civil Rights Act of 1991, pursuant to a charge of discrimination she filed against the Defendants with the EEOC.
We represented a client in a significant embezzlement and conversion case in which over $500,000 was stolen over a period of several years by the company bookkeeper. Our attorneys achieved a large judgment for our client against the bookkeeper.
Verrill Dana has represented Emera Maine before the PUC in securing a CPCN for Emera’s proposed 138 kV transmission line providing a new interconnection between the Northern Maine electric system and the New Brunswick, Canada system.
Verrill Dana successfully obtained Maine PUC approval for the 2014 merger of Maine Public Service Company and Bangor Hydro Electric Company into a single corporation, Emera Maine.
We represented Emera Maine in 2013 as part of Omnibus Energy Legislation authorizing the State of Maine to procure up to $75 million of natural gas capacity in New England.
In 2012, we successfully opposed legislation on behalf of Emera that would have prohibited affiliates of transmission and distribution utilities in Maine from owning electric generation facilities in the State.
Assisted Emera Maine in working with multiple stakeholders to pass legislation requiring the Maine PUC to facilitate an examination of alternatives to net energy billing to support solar energy development in Maine.
The Group represented Emera in a lengthy case addressing the extent to which the Maine Restructuring Act prevents affiliates of e a Maine T&D utility from acquiring ownership of generation facilities. In 2011, Emera sought approval of two acquisitions: 25% ownership of Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. and a joint venture with First Wind to develop new wind projects in the Northeast. The acquisitions generated extensive litigation before the Maine Public Utilities Commission and Maine Supreme Judicial Court both before and after Emera closed the transactions. Ultimately, Emera decided to unwind both transactions.
Verrill Dana’s energy group represented Emera in its 2017 acquisition of the Swans Island Electric Cooperative, a local utility serving two remote Maine islands. The transaction involved identifying and acquiring hundreds of assets of the Cooperative, including numerous utility easements that had been used by the Cooperative for decades. The Verrill Dana team was led by Mark Googins, Tony Calcagni and Bill Harwood.
We asserted claims on behalf of a large private institution related to defective design and installation of a geothermal heating and cooling system in a high profile public building.
We acted as special counsel to a multi-national firm in the chartering and licensing of a Maine nondepository trust company as the client’s wholly-owned subsidiary.
Our attorneys represented an estate in its negotiations to amend a conservation easement on a large ocean front property in Scarborough, ME.    
We represented the purchaser in the acquisition and financing of a eucalyptus plantation in Hawaii and the negotiation of a biomass supply agreement.
We represented the EBRD with regard to numerous project finance, equity investment and bank to bank transactions in Eastern and Central Europe, including Russia.
We represented First Wind subsidiary, Evergreen Gen Lead, LLC in negotiating easements and related project agreements. Service as local real estate counsel.
We represented First Wind subsidiary, Evergreen Wind Power III, LLC in lease and easement negotiations and related project agreements. We also served as local real estate counsel for financings.
We represented First Wind subsidiaries in lease negotiations and related project agreements. We also served as local real estate counsel.
We served as local counsel to Stroock & Stroock & Lavan for certain bondholders of FairPoint Communications Inc. in restructuring their bonds.
Represented pharmaceutical manufacturers, academic medical centers and a pharmaceutical service company in connection with federal and state False Claims Act investigations and court actions.
A fast-growing supply chain services and logistics company called on Verrill Dana’s experienced attorneys when they needed to act fast to acquire multiple US and Canadian companies that became available due to a partial divestiture by a publicly traded company.
We represented a large European industrial complex in Doha, Qatar as part of a world-wide investigation related to FCPA violations by that entity.
Verrill Dana represents and advises waterfront landowners in all aspects of FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program.
We prepared board and committee resolutions implementing changes to fiduciary governance structure,  prepared a new plan administrative committee charter and provided extensive education of plan fiduciaries regarding their obligations under ERISA.
When software company SlickEdit Inc. was sued by a patent assertion entity (i.e. a “patent troll”) in the Eastern District of Texas, it could have settled the matter – like so many defendants before it – by writing a large check. SlickEdit decided: no. It didn’t infringe. It wasn’t going to settle. It hired Verrill Dana.
We represented a consortium of Japanese financial institutions with regard to financing the purchase of U.S. assets, including the Four Seasons Hotel at Wailea, Hawaii and the Turtle Bay Hilton at Kuilima, Hawaii.
Betsy Myers has assisted franchisees in their review of the franchise FDD and negotiated the terms of the franchise, including Area Development Agreements.
We represented a Maine-based manufacturer/distributor of automated retrieval systems who needed assistance defending its termination of a Minnesota-based dealer of its products. Calling on their extensive experience and knowledge of state franchise laws around the United States, and Maine Franchise Law in particular, our team of litigators was able to gain a favorable arbitration result by establishing that our client had no liability in terminating this dealer.
Verrill Dana’s energy group has permitted more than 15O miles of 115 kV electric transmission lines for wind power projects in Maine.
We represented a long time Maine family ice cream manufacturer in a trademark infringement case against a Maryland ice cream manufacturer in US District Court.
A dilapidated church in the heart of Portland required creative financing and painstaking renovations to rebuild it into one of Portland's most popular restaurants.  Verrill Dana helped keep this project on track by providing counsel relating to historic tax credits, investor financing, and lease structuring.
We successfully prosecuted construction defect and collapse claims against contractors and the project architect arising from failure of grocery store roof trusses.
We represent Hannaford Bros. Co. (Hannaford) in the creation, permitting and licensing of its new energy marketing subsidiary, Hannaford Energy, LLC (Hannaford Energy).
Verrill Dana represented the management group in its buyout of HeadInvest from Androscoggin Savings Bank.
In a case of first impression, successfully represented a neurologist sued by a consortium of health insurance companies for engaging in alleged illegal marketing practices on behalf of a national pharmaceutical manufacturer by promoting the off-label use of a major drug at medical education conferences. Following mediation, client was dismissed from the litigation.

Successfully defended at trial a multi-specialty medical group practice in a state court lawsuit against claims by a competitor for unfair competition and violation of the federal "Stark" law.
Estate of Carolyn E. Fortin, Docket No. 2006-1426 (Me. Prob. Ct., Cumb. Cty. 2006). Represented heirs of decedent alleging that the holographic will was the result of undue influence. Case settled prior to trial.
We represented Huber Timber, LLC in partition and exchange of fractional assets involving approximately two dozen townships. 
We successfully defended an HVAC contractor on claims asserted by a local school district claiming air quality problems, and mechanical construction and design defects following construction of a new high school building.
In 2007, Verrill Dana served as local counsel to Iberdrola in its acquisition of Energy East and Central Maine Power Company.
We advised a client on implementing a high deductible health plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA) feature.
Potential mass-tort plaintiffs turned to Verrill Dana's Bankruptcy & Creditors' Rights Group when a company that manufactured a drug with detrimental side effects filed for bankruptcy.
In this case, Verrill Dana defended multiple parties against preference claims and was able to resolve the matters for approximately 25% of the demand.
Verrill Dana represented the Maine Software Developers Association, a technology industry trade group, on a pro bono basis in the wind down of its affairs through chapter 7 liquidation, culminating in the 363 sale of the client’s assets.
Verrill Dana represented the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors in the jointly administered cases of two entities that owned and operated nursing homes in Maine. In addition to advising the Committee with respect to the Debtors’ financial condition and plan of reorganization, Verrill Dana worked with special labor counsel to the Debtors regarding the negotiation of union labor contracts and assisted in the resolution of a Medicare recoupment dispute.
Verrill Dana represented a Maine-based trade supplier in securing “critical vendor” status in this Delaware bankruptcy case.
Verrill Dana represented a Maine-based trade supplier in asserting administrative claims against the debtor’s estate pursuant to section 503(b)(9) of the Code and favorably resolved the debtor’s resulting objection.
We represented Independence Wind in the development of its Record Hill Wind project in Roxbury, Maine.  The Record Hill Wind project is a 22-turbine, 50-megawatt facility located along the ridgelines of Record Hill, Flathead Mountain, and Partridge Peak.
We advised client with respect to hiring independent contractors and the employee benefit and employment tax issues related to independent contractors and assisted with drafting independent contractor agreement, reviewed all employee benefit plans regarding independent contractors, and drafted amendments to plan documents to provide “Microsoft language” in the event independent contractors were reclassified.
Battryn v. Indian Oil Co., Inc., et al., 472 A.2d 937 (Me. 1984). Represented Defendant in action brought by accountant against oil company for services allegedly rendered. Plaintiff’s case was dismissed and the Law Court upheld an award of sanctions against Plaintiff.
Several cases of representation involving insolvent general contractors and mechanic's lien claims.
A team of Verrill Dana attorneys devoted countless pro bono hours to assist a very special family seeking legal adoption and citizenship for an abandoned child.  The matter involved successful navigation of international laws, repeated probate court appearances, posting legal notices in Russian newspapers, and interpretation of international treaties. 
Our attorneys represented a father whose wife refused to allow their two children to return to their home in Cyprus.
We represented QPC regarding U.S. $1 billion Initial Public Offering pursuant to which three QPC subsidiaries were merged to form a new entity, and the shares in the new entity were offered for sale to Qatari citizens.
We settled a claim on behalf of an inventor against former attorneys for failure to secure patent right in the sale of the client’s biometric payment business to competitor.
We represented J.M. Huber in a complex reorganization, including the transfer of approximately 280,000 acres of timberlands and related assets to a subsidiary company. We analyzed extensive due diligence materials, drafted necessary documentation, and resolved permitting issues.
We represented J.M. Huber in purchase and sale transactions involving approximately 200,000 acres of timberlands. 
A list of representative intellectual property litigation cases handled by James Goggin.
We successfully brought class action on behalf of developmentally disabled individuals who were eligible for various services and treatment under Maine’s Joint Federal-State Medicaid Program.
We served as counsel to a real estate developer for drafting and negotiating design and construction contracts, and trouble-shooting potential disputes on big box retail developments.
Ongoing representation of client in labor arbitrations in State of New Jersey and Washington State and in contract negotiations with union in New Jersey.
We represented a landowner in the negotiation of a conservation easement with State of Maine and The Nature Conservancy, including the highly complex negotiations involving the creation of a new format of conservation easement to be used in Maine under the federal Forest Legacy Program.
Represented Tillotson Healthcare Corp. in the so-called “Latex Glove Litigation” in thirteen multi-district federal lawsuits.
Verrill Dana served as counsel to Legacy Supply Chain Services, the buyer/borrower, in its acquisition of certain U.S. and Canadian subsidiaries of Vitran, Inc. This deal was named the 2013 Retail Manufacturing/Distribution Sector Deal of the Year by M&A Advisor.
We successfully defended a major agricultural operation before state administrative board in challenge to livestock operations permit arising out of nutrient management practices and appeal, and provided related defense of a nuisance lawsuit brought by twenty-four neighbors.
Verrill Dana helps multinational company fight off emergency legislation aimed at blocking a proposed merger with a local Maine corporation.
We provided legal counsel and negotiated an important exclusion from a pending legislative matter to allow a major development to proceed.

We represented a major wireless telecommunications company in a reconfiguration of telecommunications infrastructure to allow the integration of recently acquired competitor.

We represented a major wireless telecommunications company in 3G and 4G network build-outs in Maine.
We defended a modular home manufacturer in a case involving claims of significant personal injury and property damages arising from alleged manufacturing and construction defects and ensuing mold contamination.
Successful representation of natural gas pipeline before the First Circuit Court of Appeals. The client’s right to use a privately-owned access road for purposes of constructing, operating and maintaining a natural gas compressor station as part of interstate pipeline expansion project was challenged on appeal.
We represent Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline on the permitting and compliance for its work in Maine, including environmental permitting and compliance associated with its existing high pressure natural gas pipeline and compressor station facilities in Maine.
Provided advice to large Massachusetts property management company that was approached by several solar developers to have its clients (predominantly low income residential housing developments) enter into long term virtual net metering contracts.
Tom Bean was appointed by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court as Special Counsel to the Clerks' Committee in a matter involving a Clerk-Magistrate whose conduct had been called into question.

Tom was assisted on this matter by Robert Langlois, Keith Glidden and Sara Hirshon.
We represented a large medical device manufacturer in a six-patent dispute involving nearly a dozen accused medical devices.
Represented a large Maine Hospital before the Medicare Provider Reimbursement Review Board covering four fiscal years. Following a live testimonial hearing, the MAC agreed to enter Administrative Resolutions addressing all years, resulting in over $6 million of additional Medicare reimbursement.
When Emera Inc. acquired Maine Public Service Company in 2010, our Energy Group was actively involved in drafting the merger agreement and securing regulatory approval from the Maine PUC. Further, Verrill Dana defended Emera in a shareholder class action suit in U.S. District Court resulting from the proposed merger.
We counseled a public university in connection with employee claims of sick building syndrome due to mold contamination.
In 2014 and 2015, Verrill Dana advised Moody's Collision Center with respect to its investment in a substantial solar development at Maine Audobon in Falmouth.
We represented the buyer in the acquisition of Domtar Maine LLC, which owns and operates the pulp mill in Baileyville, Maine (also known as Woodland), and continue to represent the mill in regulatory compliance matters.
Since early 2014, our firm has successfully represented a large interstate pipeline company before the Maine PUC in advancing two significant new interstate pipeline expansion projects.
Represents The New England Journal of Medicine in a variety of mass tort litigations where the parties seek materials relating to scientific studies and articles published in the Journal. See, e.g., In Re Bextra And Celebrex Marketing Sales Practices And Product Liability Litigation, 249 F.R.D. 8 (D. Mass. 2008).
Cheshire Sanitation, et al. v. Jason Hart, et al., No. CV-98-183 (Me. Super. Ct., Androscoggin County). Successfully represented Plaintiffs in action to enforce non-compete agreement and other provisions of purchase and sale agreement.
We successfully defended a defendant’s summary judgment motion in a dispute arising from the non-payment of a broker’s fee.
To expand its capacity to provide patient care in an increasingly competitive marketplace, a pioneering New York-based kidney and cancer research and treatment center affiliated with another New York institution in a complex, 11-month process requiring the coordination of many attorneys and practice groups.
In 2005, Verrill Dana obtained a Maine PUC CPCN and Department of Environmental Protection and Army Corps of Engineers environmental approvals for the construction and operation of the Northeast Reliability Interconnect (NRI).
Oakhurst Dairy has been a family-owned business for three generations. When the Bennett family decided the sale of Oakhurst was best for the company’s growth and long term success, they sought Verrill Dana’s guidance to ensure the transaction honored their company, its employees and the values that have made Oakhurst a trusted brand since 1921.
Verrill Dana attorneys successfully represented a large landowner in hearings before the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen for the Town of Arundel to correct issues with an improperly built subdivision. This representation involved substantial title work, the creation of a homeowners association and road maintenance agreement, negotiations with abutters, and presentations to local permitting boards.  
Verrill Dana represents coastal landowners in Ross v. Acadian Seaplants, a landmark case pending before the Maine Supreme Court that will determine whether attached intertidal rockweed is private or public property.
Rich v. Rich, et al., Docket No. RE-03-17 (Me. Super. Ct., Knox Cty. 2003). Represented Plaintiff in partition action involving multiple owners of real estate in Isle Au Haut. Case settled prior to trial
We successfully achieved the dismissal of our client Argosy Publications from a patent infringement suit where the plaintiff was asserting a claim based upon a patent it used to win an $800 million dollar judgment against Microsoft in a previous litigation.
We represent a German inventor against a large United States manufacturer of medical infusion devices.
We advised a health care entity with an employee who assumed the identity of a patient to obtain medications by inappropriately accessing the patient record system.
We represented Patriot Renewables in the development of several wind power projects in western Maine.
The Penobscot River Restoration Project is one of the largest and most creative river restoration projects in our nation’s history.  Verrill Dana has partnered with the Trust and its member organizations to coordinate the complex and multi-disciplinary project, which has spanned over six years.
Mader v. Cilley v. Delta Air Lines, No. CV-97-101 (Me. Super. Ct., Cumb. Cty., 1998). Defended Delta Air Lines in personal injury litigation. Case settled prior to trial.
We represented a family in a personal injury action where the chimney of the building where they lived crashed through the ceiling while a construction crew was making repairs to the roof.
Priscilla Baillargeon and J. Andre Baillargeon v. Roger Daigle
York County Superior Court, Docket Nos. ALFSC-RE-2007-00084 and ALFSC-RE-08-001(Consolidated) Successfully defended former personal representative at trial against claims of fraud, improvident transfers and breaches of fiduciary duties brought by successor personal representative. Decision affirmed on appeal.
Great Hill Fill & Gravel, Inc. v. Shapleigh, 692 A.2d 928 (Me. 1997). Successfully defended personal representative in an action by Plaintiff seeking damages and specific performance for alleged breach of contract arising out of decedent’s alleged removal of fill and gravel without payment
In re: Estate of Denise M. Whitney, Docket No. 2006-0653 (Me. Prob. Ct., Cumb. Cty. 2006). Successfully represented at trial personal representative in defense of allegations that last will was the result of undue influence and that the decedent lacked capacity.
We assisted a client who experienced the unfortunate results of a successful email “phishing” scheme resulting in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
We advised the Romanian Privatization Ministry regarding the privatization of state owned assets in compliance with the World Bank’s anti-corruption policies as part of a World Bank financed privatization program.
After learning of the plight of a refugee of the Somalian civil war through their involvement with the Immigrant’s Legal Assistance Program, Verrill Dana attorneys donated their time to assist her in obtaining political asylum in the United States.
Jennifer Kleiner and Cheryl Johnson provided pro bono services to Homes with Hope to handle a transaction, in which Project Return turned over its assets to Homes with Hope. The transaction enables Project Return's programs for adolescent girls and young women in crisis, including those that are homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless, to continue under the guidance of Homes with Hope.
Thorn Gas Appliance (International) Ltd. v. Saunier Duval Eau Chaude/Chauffage, S.A., 605 A.2d 607 (Me. 1992). Successfully represented Thorn Gas in products liability case before York County jury.
Jury verdict in favor of Defendant client in Penobscot County Superior Court in case in which Plaintiff alleged elevator fell five floors.
We partnered with outside counsel to win a jury trial in Maine Federal District Court in a case involving allegations that a boat motor was improperly situated, causing injury to Plaintiff's leg. The jury concluded that the boat was not defective, that the client manufacturer was not negligent, and that Plaintiff's own comparitive fault was the cause of his injuries.
Successful resolution of product liability claim against large manufacturer relating to injuries sustained when a hydraulic tube separated. Effective presentation of expert evidence in the metallurgical field showing preexisting metal damage, which enabled case to settle on favorable terms to client.
We successfully defended a Maine home inspector against claims for negligence and breach of professional duty in a home inspection in Kennebunk, Maine.
Obtained summary judgment in favor of insurance salesperson accused of selling incorrect life insurance policy as well as breaches of trustee duties relating to service as trustee of irrevocable life insurance trust.
Frequently represent physicians and other health care professionals before licensing boards and during hospital peer review proceedings.
Our client, a general contractor, substantially completed exterior building renovations for a public institution. The project owner terminated the contractor and refused to make payment alleging defective work and delays.
We successfully prosecuted a breach of contract, Prompt Payment Act and Miller Act claims on behalf of a subcontractor arising from a federal project for the renovation of airplane hangar.
Landowners mired in a two decade long contest with their neighbors over several acres of land on the Presumpscot River turned to Verrill Dana to resolve the dispute.
As a City Councilor, Mayor of Portland and member of the Portland Regional Chamber, Jim Cohen has supported the "Creative Economy" of the Greater Portland area. Jim convened a local summit and multiple stakeholder groups in an effort to strengthen this local, knowledge-based economy.
As a public servant, Jim Cohen established a task force that developed recommendations to improve public health in Portland.
Jim led an effort to form a six-community coalition aimed at promoting regional projects. The Metro Regional Coalition is the group that resulted from those efforts.
Jim Cohen helped establish a partnership with the Portland Public Schools to improve the school budget process.
During his time on the City Council and as Mayor of Portland, Jim Cohen facilitated a multi-party stakeholder group of municipalities, colleges, and businesses to form a regional economic development corporation. Jim continues to support regional economic development as vice-chair of the Portland Regional Chamber.
During Jim's time as Mayor and City Councilor in Portland he made sustainability a priority. He spearheaded the City's effort to promote economic, environmental and community sustainability.
We represented the purchaser in the acquisition of more than 300,000 acres of timberland in Northern Maine, including negotiation of purchase and sale agreement, entity formation, tax advice, loan representation, environmental due diligence and ongoing operational assistance.
In 2010, Madison Electric Works (MEW), an electric utility serving Madison, Maine, explored reclassifying its 115-kV power line as a FERC-jurisdictional transmission line. We advised MEW as to the steps necessary to obtain FERC-jurisdictional status, and researched the regulatory regime under which MEW would find itself were the reclassification to succeed.
In early 2013, Verrill Dana secured regulatory approval for Summit Natural Gas of Maine, Inc. to become Maine’s fourth natural gas local distribution company (LDC).
Successfully represented an acupuncturist against whom a complaint was filed with the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, Committee on Acupuncture, alleging, among other things, that she practiced outside the scope of her license and also engaged in wrongful and deceptive billing.
Secured approval for a 363 sale in only 26 days from our selection as Trustee’s counsel.
Our natural gas attorneys also provide legal counsel to Bowdoin College and other larger consumers of gas.
We have served as a company’s employee benefits and executive compensation legal adviser for more than 12 years. The company turned to us to review and update its executive change in control agreements.
We drafted new bylaws following extensive discussions with board committees and the full board to assure that both the mission and governance structure of the organization were fully captured in the new bylaws.
Best practices assessment and recommendations in relation to our client's retirement plan governance structure.
Restructuring of retirement program, including a soft freeze and phased changes to a pension plan with corresponding new contributions and phased changes to a defined contribution plan.
Our attorneys represented a property owner in a dispute with a neighbor over the scope of a right of way to Lake Megunticook. We were able to successfully resolve the dispute by modifying and clarifying the scope of the right of way and obtaining concessions from the opposing party. 
A sampling of Robert Ruesch's representative real estate and construction projects, and real estate and construction mediation & arbitration matters. 
We represented the owners of a dairy farm in Freeport, Maine with the sale of their residence, farm, rare heritage cattle herd, and dairy operations to an investor from New York.
Verrill Dana represented Integrated Process Technologies and its related entities in their acquisition by LEWA-NIKKISO AMERICA, INC., a US subsidiary of a Japanese public company, based in California.
The collaborative efforts of the Bankruptcy Department, the Business Law Department and the Real Estate Department resulted in the successful sale of substantially all of the operating assets of M.W. Sewall and Co. The case presented a particularly complex fact pattern and required an expedited sale process in order to allow the assets to be sold while they still had value.
This is an asset sale of the assets of a 501(3) tax exempt Medicaid managed care plan to a 501(c)(4) Managed Care Plan.
We negotiated physician compensation, transfer of major medical equipment that was subject to Certificate of Need review, and a wide variety of corporate issues in the sale of a long-time client's medical practice.
Verrill Dana represented Otago, LLC in its sale to Xanterra Resorts when time constraints required the transaction to be completed in eight weeks.
Sale of 500-bed teaching/community hospital to the teaching hospital of a major university.
We represented a landowner in the negotiation of purchase and sale agreement and subsequent sale of a wetlands mitigation bank in southeastern Texas to an investor.
We represented the landowner in negotiations and sales of multiple conservation easements in southeastern Virginia and central and western Pennsylvania.
Navarra v. Lakeview Improvement Society, Me. Super. May 26, 2004 (No. Civ. A. RE 04-05). Represented lakefront property owners in lawsuit delineating rights to Sebago beach.
We successfully represented the owner of a large commercial office building in South Portland with a property tax abatement proceeding. Our attorneys were able to settle with the City of Portland for a reduction of almost $2 million in the tax assessed valutation.
Reed v. MBNA Marketing Systems, Inc., et al., 333 F.3d 27 (1st Cir. 2003). Successfully represented Plaintiff in a sexual discrimination case before the First Circuit Court of Appeals
We represented Shaw's Supermarket chain in a decertification petition filed by employees.
Verrill Dana represents landowners and developers in siting structures in the shoreland zoning and ensuring ongoing compliance with the restrictions that govern clearing and development in the shoreland zone.
Forer v. Madison Paper Co., Docket No. 99-0247-B (D.Me. 1999). Represented Plaintiff in slip and fall case against paper company. Jury returned verdict of $450,000.
Verrill Dana has represented solar energy developers and investors related to multiple projects throughout Maine and Massachusetts. We have provided permitting counsel and due diligence on solar projects ranging from a 1.5-MW micro-grid array in Brunswick to a proposed 100-MW project in the unincorporated area of Hancock County. For more details regarding our solar energy experience, click here
In 2016, Verrill Dana worked with The Gathering Place, a nonprofit organization based in Brunswick, Me., in negotiating a solar power purchase agreement with Maine’s largest solar installation company.
In 2017, Verrill Dana represented North Haven Sustainable Housing in negotiating a solar power purchase agreement with Maine’s largest solar installation company.
Stinson v. Slaughter, No. CV-93-998 (Me. Super. Ct., Cumb. Cty. 1993). Represented Plaintiff in Maine's first stalking case. Jury awarded Plaintiff $550,000 in damages.
Verrill Dana attorneys worked on behalf of our client to effect statutory changes to Maine law that would allow for the creation of one of the nation's first state-wide health information exchanges. 
Representation of Summit Natural Gas of Maine before the Maine Legislature, including successfully opposing legislative efforts that would have interfered with Summit’s ability to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to build natural gas pipelines in Maine.
In 2013, Verrill Dana represented First Wind in its acquisition and subsequent re-financing of several solar projects in Massachusetts. The projects are now supplying power to off-site users including the University of Massachusetts system.
On multiple occasions we have represented surety clients in connection with bonded construction projects where the bond principal has abandoned the construction project or been declared in default by the owners.
Verrill Dana helps a start-up dark fiber provider in Maine secure a $25 million ARRA grant for middle-mile fiber – the first awarded nationally by the NTIA; pass controversial legislation allowing dark fiber to attach to utility poles; and gain Maine PUC approval to do business.
Verrill Dana assists major national radio vendor win and retain $50 million contract to design and build a statewide radio system in Maine. To win the bid, we helped our client submit one winning proposal, defend a bid appeal, and then submit a second winning proposal. We continue to help our client work with state and local officials as the system is designed, and built.
We represented a large corporate tenant against claims by the owner of the property for significant damage caused by a subtenant.
In addition to helping screen for potential intellectual property conflicts, we help Via negotiate contracts with their clients that allow the client to use the materials Via develops without stifling Via’s creativity.
A list of representative commercial litigation matters handled by Tim Shannon.
A list of representative intellectual property litigation matters handled by Tim Shannon.
We provided representation of a purchaser in the acquisition of commercial timberland and the sale of a conservation easement in Monroe County, Alabama.
We represented a client who had been disappointed to learn that neither they nor their neighbor owned the adjacent beachfront property on Highland Lake. Our attorneys were able to track down the owners of the property and obtain fee ownership of the beach for our clients.
Andrews v. American Red Cross, 251 F. Supp. 2d 976 (D.Me. 2003). Successfully represented employer in Title VII litigation where employee claimed he was wrongfully terminated.
Our attorneys provided representation for Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway in a dispute over trackage rights to 1,700 feet of track adjacent to a paper mill in Madawaska, ME.
Tao Restaurant, a quiet neighborhood restaurant run by a mother and daughter, was on the receiving end of a complaint brought against them by TAO Licensing, owner of a chain of nightclubs with locations in New York and Las Vegas, claiming that the restaurant was trading on the notoriety and success of the nightclubs and that consumers would be confused into believing that the restaurant and nightclubs were related. In this David vs. Goliath dispute, the owners of Tao Restaurant turned to Verrill Dana’s Jim Goggin to protect their business.
Verrill Dana helped The Brunswick Inn protect its trademark when a new hotel opened with a confusingly similar name.
We represented TransCanada Maine Wind Development Inc. in lease and easement negotiations, fee acquisitions and related project agreements.
Representation of TransCanada on the development and permitting of its wind power projects in Maine. TransCanada’s first Maine project, the Kibby Wind Project, is a 132 MW wind power project located in the Western Boundary Mountains of Maine, and an associated 27-mile transmission line connecting the project to the electrical grid.
We represented a Trustee with due diligence in connection with the numerous filed patents and related copyright and other intellectual property rights in pursuit of director and officer liability claims against former board members of this Debtor.
We represented several very large U.S. defense contractors with regard to FCPA compliance and related investigations in the Middle East.
We successfully defended an appeal to the Law Court in case of first impression involving amendments to Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code dealing with “control” in the context of creditor’s self-help disposition of “deposit accounts.”
Verrill Dana defended Edgenuity, Inc., a client providing online educational technology in litigation brought by Vantage Learning USA, LLC, demanding nearly $900,000 in damages for breach of contract and related claims in addition to a copyright infringement claim. A cross-disciplinary team of Verrill Dana attorneys from multiple offices was able to win dismissal of the majority of plaintiff’s claims with prejudice.
A New England vendor for a national company called on Verrill Dana's attorneys to assist them when they were terminated as distributors without cause.
We assisted and advised a client through the difficult process of an OIG self disclosure related to Medicare payments and the resident assessment process at a long term care facility.
In an appeal to the Medicare Provider Reimbursement Review Board (PRRB) in Baltimore, Maryland, Will Stiles represented a Vermont sole community hospital that experienced a sudden, but unexplained, decrease in the number of Medicare inpatients admitted during its fiscal year 2004. It had applied for a Medicare Low Volume Adjustment Payment, citing a 9.35% drop in inpatient volume from 2003 to 2004, and requested approximately $1.2 million of additional Medicare reimbursement. The Medicare program initially denied the hospital’s request in full because the hospital could not explain exactly why inpatient volume had decreased.
Represented lead intervenor Maine State Chamber of Commerce in complex administrative hearings before the Dirigo Health Agency (“DHA”) and Maine Superintendent of Insurance.
Verrill Dana assisted long-time client Gardiner Water District, and its engineering firm Wright-Pierce, obtain the necessary land to construct a one million gallon water tank in Farmingdale.
Represented Maine Medicare Dependent Hospital in an appeal before the Medicare Provider Reimbursement Review Board resulting in a $520,000 settlement.
Verrill Dana has a long history of helping methadone clinics in Maine, having helped permit the very first clinic in the mid-1990’s. In early 2011, a Massachusetts based provider of opiate addiction treatment services approached Verrill Dana for assistance in opening an outpatient Methadone treatment clinic in Sanford, Maine. On October 2nd, 2012, after more than 18 months of work, Verrill Dana succeeded in helping the client win approval from the Sanford Town Council to open a clinic.
In 2013, Jim Cohen helped a group of Yarmouth, Maine residents in a state legislative dispute involving the private ferry service serving the Town of Chebeague Island.
Represented a Vermont sole community hospital in an appeal before the Medicare Provider Reimbursement Review Board resulting in a $430,000 settlement.
Represented nine Maine hospitals in administrative appeals and lawsuits against the State of Maine Medicaid program that resulted in a landmark $85 million settlement.
Represented two Maine hospitals in an administrative appeal of an alleged overpayment involving tens of millions of dollars over a six year time period, resulting in an agreement by the State of Maine Medicaid program that no overpayment actually occurred.
Amid intense public and media scrutiny, Verrill Dana conducted an extensive independent investigation of a municipal land deal in Brewer, Maine and delivered a detailed investigative report to the Brewer City Council.
When Madison Electric Works, a publicly owned electric utility, sought to add more solar-generated electricity to its consumers, they called on Verrill Dana to help. The result? A 4.8 megawatt solar energy farm that is more than double the size of the next closest solar project in the State of Maine.
We represented Waste Management on the solid waste and air permitting associated with its landfill in Norridgewock, Maine, including the permitting of its Crossroads landfill gas to energy facility located there.
Verrill Dana has assisted local water districts in a wide range of regional planning efforts, ranging from enhancing communications with local municipalities, to formation of a regional water council, to the interconnection of water systems, to full merger or consolidation.
We provided counsel in the creation of a wetlands mitigation bank in southeastern Texas. The matter involved a new approach to wetlands mitigation, whereby property being conserved was valued based upon ecology rather than development potential.
Representation of an employer in a whistleblower claim based upon reporting illegal activities in which reporting was part of employee's job duties.
We represented landowners in the negotiation of Wind Energy Easements with multiple developers in Maine and New Hampshire.
We have represented Maine's major wind energy developers, including TransCanada, First Wind, Patriot Renewables, Independence Wind, Novatus, Pattern Energy and Everpower, in the development, permitting, construction and operation of their wind power projects in Maine. Our Environmental Group has been instrumental in wind power development since its inception in Maine, not only because we represent over 90 percent of the wind power capacity in the State, but because we have shaped the legislation, regulation and judicial precedent that will make it possible for wind energy development to continue to flourish in the future.
Felicity Ferrell, in her capacity as Personal Representative of the Estate of Robert Wagner v. Steven M. Clark, et al., Docket No. CV-08-88 (Me. Super. Ct., Cumb. Cty. 2008). Successfully defended wrongful death action