Catastrophic Personal Injury


Our attorneys handle complex, catastrophic loss cases arising from product liability, medical devices, drugs and industrial accidents. Whether it is an alleged product failure resulting in multiple deaths and catastrophic personal injuries, a claim that a medical device has crippled a patient, or a lawsuit alleging devastating injuries from a vehicular accident, we approach each case with passion and dedication. We handle cases from the inception or we “parachute” into cases after they are well underway. This background and experience allows us to offer unique assistance to clients involved in complex and high exposure claims.

We are geared toward promptly understanding and evaluating a file and providing our in-depth analysis to our clients on an expedited basis. In addition to providing our analysis and recommendations with respect to cases we have handled from the beginning, our firm is often consulted to obtain a second opinion before our clients decide whether to go forward with a trial in a large exposure case in which we have not been involved.


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